Filming of the Thievin' Rascals/Bastards videos


Day Three

April 29th 2007

The last day of filming had another ridiculously early start, hence Glen wearing a massive coat on what turned out to be another perfect, hot, sunny day.  Glen met up with HIV Teeth who'd only had a couple of beers the night before and Excess Calv who had not slept at all...

Before Caput Films turned up to the train station where the chase scenes start, Glen ran through the scenario with Ade who plays the businessman whose case gets stolen by the thievin' rascals played by Alex aka HIV Teeth and Calvin aka Excess Calv.  All went well until the very first time Calv grabbed the case and slipped down the steps!  What had Somerstown let themselves in for?


All was going well, Caput Films got some good shots of the Portsmouth & Southsea sign with their crane and then transferred the camera to the dolly.  After a bit of re-positioning the two rascals got their act together and a good bit of thievin' was filmed.

Then, complete nightmare!  During filming an obstinate member of South West Trains interrupted the shot demanding to see Somerstown's permission to film.  Despite the council giving Somerstown the right to film anywhere around the Guildhall, Somerstown and outside the train station, the jobsworth woman was having none of it.  Somerstown's letter clearly stated that they would only need permission from South West Trains if they were filming in the train station itself or on the concourse but the woman pictured below was having none of it, saying that the whole area outside the station was owned by South West Trains and the filming would have to stop.  Luckily Caput Films managed to get enough of the required scenes filmed behind the jobsworth's back whilst Glen and Billy were arguing with her! 


Round the corner from the train station more chase scenes followed, Bill directing Calv on the most effective way to run down the stairs.  Unfortunately a complete lack of sleep the night before must have affected his concentration because on the very first take he tripped down the stairs and fell flat on his face....

Back to a much emptier Guildhall than the week before for more chase scenes, with the wide lens on the crane-mounted camera some nice panoramic shots of the Guildhall were obtained


With Calv's falling episodes thankfully over, more running scenes followed, including some close-ups with Sachin precariously sat in the boot of the car which Bill drove :



With the running finally finished, it was time for Ade to finally catch the thievin' bastards down Elm Grove.

Calv put in a superb performance of being shit-scared at the hands of Adrian as HIV Teeth scarpered.




But it wasn't over yet, for the bastards version of the music video, Ade got to literally beat the shit out of him!

Obviously the blood wasn't real, and as you can see Calv was loving every minute of it :

As Ade stormed off with the suitcase to meet the boss from Saturday's shoot, the filming was complete.  A couple of photos were taken, Caput Films headed back to London to start on the editing and everyone else, surprisingly, went down the pub...


HIV Teeth, Billy, Excess Calv, T-Minus, Glen, Sachin, Todd, Ade


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