Filming of the Thievin' Rascals/Bastards videos


Day One

April 22nd 2007

The dodgiest filming of the day was done first.  Right outside the flats where Bill lives and Somerstown grew up.  Caput films rolled up early and immediately got to work setting up their equipment amongst thrown-out beds, ovens and furniture.




Once the dolly was all set up. Bill went up to the first-floor balcony to start the first of the day's rap scenes.  It didn't take long for the nosey neighbours to come out, people all of a sudden felt an urge to take out their rubbish, walk their dogs and generally have a look at what was going on.  As some fat bastard said from the top balcony, "don't you know you're in Somerstown?"


After enough footage was obtained, Somerstown and Caput Films made their way round the back to Tipton car park where Bill had to stand on a box in front of the camera on a curved to track to get some superb shots of Bill rapping with the impressive blocks of flats in the background.  Check the vid on the right...

It looked like Somerstown and Caput films were the only people who didn't go out the night before.  The lads turning up for the first of the crew shots were all a bit worse for wear, hangovers all round and the Beast had a fuck-off size bruise on his cheek from some drunken escapade.  Alex aka HIV Teeth turned up even though he couldn't appear in any of the shots and like the rest brought plenty of beer with him.  It didn't take long for everyone to get in the thick of things though, with T-Minus from Caput films capturing some good stuff on the steadi-cam.

With the car-park shoot over it was time to venture down to Portsmouth Guildhall for more crew shots, where Somerstown and the lads were joined by DJ Shifty, Redikal from Diff'rent Manaz and Maffia and ASBO from Gosport's Shade of Gray amongst others.  After mouthin' off at some emo pricks on the Guildhall steps and generally keepin' an eye on some dodgy Pompey youngsters some quality filming was done, generating quite an audience, including a couple of coppers who had a few things to say about all the public drinking but generally let everyone get on with it.


The Venus bar, host of DJ Shifty's South Coast Statements nights, was the next filming venue. 

Once everything was set up and disclaimers signed from the various women and blokes in the bar it was time for Bill, once more, to start rapping.  A couple of right treacles had turned up so the pub wasn't going to be full of lairy looking blokes as first feared.




With the rapping out of the way, it was time for the "Thievin' Bastards"-only shots, the bottling and kicking in of a bloke who pushes Bill in the pub.  A mate of Bill's was meant to perform the role but had failed to show, so in his absence Redikal stepped up and did a sterling performance.  After a couple of practices with no bottle, Bill had a surprise in store and smashed one of the fake bottles over Redikal's bonce when he wasn't expecting it, just to see how they would break...


The final shots of the day were the booting-in of a blood-soaked Redikal.  Somerstown's mates Jim, Pete and Nate joined Bill in helping stomp Redikal.


So that was Day One done, Glen popped Bill's various Stone Island tops back home only to return and find Beast, HIV Teeth, DJ Shifty, Pete and Bill had been kicked out of Walkabout for general pissed lairiness....

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