Somerstown sounds on ya mobile!

If you've got a PC & mobile with bluetooth, a phone that can receive e-mails or a phone that can go on the internet then you can get the sounds of Somerstown any time some prick rings ya up, free!

No poncin' about holdin' ya phone up to the speakers when Somerstown's playin', instead download a crystal clear, ringtone-sized mp3 clip of ya favorite Somerstown tune and if ya don't want Billy blarin' at ya every time ya phone goes off there's vocal-free clips of some of the tunes and even text-sized mini-samples as well

Go to on your phone to go to the quickload page instantly!



If you've got a phone that's on the internet just download the clip onto ya phone, piece of piss!

Otherwise, if ya on the internet on ya pc all ya have to do is download the clip by right-clicking on the one you want and selecting "Save Target As..."

Once the clips downloaded send it to ya phone via e-mail or bluetooth, save it, then set as a ring-tone. Don't just set as ya main ringtone, customize all your mate's specific ring-tones, when that special lady calls how about They Love Me or Fuck that Bitch!  Maybe ya need to be warned when ya hard bastard mate is calling with This is Where it Starts, have fun...





Welcome to Somerstown

They Love Me    (text)

Hooligan   (no vocals)   (text)

Back it Up   (no vocals)

How They Do This   (no vocals)

Go Psycho

Don't Mess Wi' Me



Cummin' Thru

Last Night Out

You're Mine



If there's any sounds of Somerstown that you'd like on ya mobile then give Glen a shout and he'll see if he can be arsed puttin' it on here